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The Company’s Top Ten Largest Underlying Investments (through MCF) at 31 December 2017

Listed below are the ten largest underlying investments by value which account for 76% of the consolidated investment portfolio. All of these investments are held indirectly through the Company’s commitment to MCF.

Portfolio Company Year of Investment Sector Underlying Fund % of Portfolio Country
TMF Group 2008 Services Doughty Hanson & Co V 25% Netherlands
Sky Betting & Gaming 2015 Travel, Leisure & Retail CVC European Equity Partners V 9% United Kingdom
Cyanco Holdings 2008 Basic Resources OCM Principal Opportunities Fund IV 8% United States
Froneri 2013 Food & Beverage PAI Europe V 6% United Kingdom
OrthoD Group 2008 Healthcare Riverside Europe III 5% United Kingdom
Kiloutou 2011 Services PAI Europe V 5% France
Parex 2014 Building Materials & Others CVC European Equity Partners V 5% France
Elsan 2014 Healthcare CVC European Equity Partners V 5% France
Domestic & General 2013 Financial Services CVC European Equity Partners V 4% Belgium
Marcolin 2008 Personal & Household Goods PAI Europe V 4% Italy