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Mithras Capital Partners LLP


Mithras Capital Partners LLP is a private equity fund of fund manager which was formed in 2007 following the acquisition of Tandem Private Equity by Mithras Investment Trust plc. Mithras Capital Partners LLP adopts a return driven investment strategy which focuses on predominantly pan-European buyout funds but with scope to invest in other areas of private equity.

Mithras Capital Partners LLP closed its first fund, Mithras Capital Fund in 2008 having made five commitments to private equity limited partnership funds and is now fully committed. Mithras Capital Fund is classified as an unregulated collective investment scheme ("UCIS") and the promotion of a UCIS either within the UK or from the UK is restricted by Statute. Your attention is drawn to the following disclaimer.

From 1 April 2009, Mithras Capital Partners LLP became the Investment Manager of Mithras Investment Trust plc, a private equity investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange. Mithras Investment Trust plc is the majority owner of Mithras Capital Partners LLP.

Mithras Investment Trust plc entered into a Members' Voluntary Liquidation on 12 September 2018.